The Distinguishing Features of a Leather Settee

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Re: The Distinguishing Features of a Leather Settee

Postby admiral 1 » 25 Feb 2015 18:40

Hello MaryLozano,

if your account is operated by a (spam-)bot, please have its creater contact me as it looks as if that bot passes the "Turing" test.

If you are a real person posting about furniture. Please at least be so kind and post, even if only once, some information about furniture that has to do with something related to these forums .

When i may be of help here are some examples:

a "leugen bankje" (engl. liars bench,
as a place for comfortably sharing "sea stories" could be a subject.

another welcome subject would be about a sideboard table for the race committee offices or about a sideboard bar for the yachtclub. ( )


theo (Admiral)

PS: I would like to thank you for keeping the ITBYC forums spam free.
Theeuwes de Jong, skipper of Admiral

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( Paul Cayard, from the Pirates base, in an e-mail to race HQ. 25 Jan 2006
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