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short keyboard message

Postby Mac Yavel » 12 May 2020 20:19

Comme je suis plutot lent a taper en course, comment creer un raccourci clavier "ROOM TO TACK"
Mac Yavel
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Re: short keyboard message

Postby jiel » 12 May 2020 20:47

(re)bonsoir Mac,

2 Ways :

Way 1 : the simpler. In Bloc-Note or Word, type "Room 2 Tack !", select these 3 words, then press ctrl-c to copy them in memory. When in VSK, if you want to hail rtt, press the ENTER key to jump in the chat box, then press ctrl-v to paste the hail "Room 2 Tack !" in the chat box, then again the ENTER key to send the hail.

Way 2 :
go on the web site :
Download the current relase and execute the file you get ; autohotkeysnnnn.exe
Create a new repertory, for instance "my AHK" and put in it the attached file I called "RoomToTack_r.ahk"
Before sailing go in this repertory, double click on the file
When on VSK, to trigger the hail, just press 1/ on the Windows key (left of the keyboard, made of an icon with 4 small white windows; and the same time press on the "r" key

That would work,

edit2 (forgot to attach the file)
edit3 : the forum does not allow to attach files with "ahk" extensions. So I try agai after have withdraw the extension. save the file in your repertory then add the extension ".ahk" to trigger the application when double click.
edit4 : ok the forum definitly refuse to attach the file. Dont worry, just copy the following lines in Bloc-note and save the file with the right extension "ahk" :

SendMode Input
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
CoordMode Pixel

#r:: ; IMPORTANT this comand says that you must press the WindowsKey + r

sleep, 500
Send {Enter}
sleep, 500
Send $f80 Room To Tack !
Sleep, 500
Send {Enter}
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