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Postby jarleror » 02 Jan 2006 22:22

When I try to crate a cource on the multiplayer (internett) mode, I get a message witch read:
"You see to be on a private network. Try to configure yout NAT, or else the other players wont be able to find you."

Or something like that... Can somebody help me with this? What is NAT and how do I configure it?
I am on a network, with my brother... (Two computer, one in the first floor and one in the basement).

Thanks for all help!!
Happy New Year! :D

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Postby euphoria » 03 Jan 2006 01:20

The answer for you is in the VSK FAQ made by CAN Knot:

Since you have two computers, do the same for both, but change the port to 2351 on one of them (both in VSK setup and router setup).

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