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Postby Bill Skt » 04 Nov 2005 23:25

Does anyone honestly get the quality of image that the official vsk3 site has in its screen shots? Complicated things like water sparkle or ocean floor? Or obvious things like reflection? All I have is solid blue water (ie, I can't see the ocean floor, or the hull beneath the water) and there's no boat reflection. The waves are fairly complex, and I have the graphics up high, but there's nothing like the realism I thought there would be.

On a side note, does anyone use Virtual Sailor? Because the water graphics in that look better than the water in the trailer for VSK4. And Virtual Sailor is basically a Beta program.
Bill Skt

Postby euphoria » 05 Nov 2005 01:44

If you look at the pictures on the front page of, those are taken with a 3 year old laptop.
With a littlebit more than a standard graphics card, you should be able to get the great quality on the water.

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Postby Kwasi » 05 Nov 2005 20:24

Yes, it is possible to get HQ Grafix that also is smooth on playing, but you need to have a good machine.
VirtualSailor can't be compared with vsk as it is not a Regatta Simulation so far.
But to "be honest": It looks better than SailSimulator :p
Cheers, Nick
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Postby Popeye » 05 Nov 2005 22:30

Yes the graphics look great on my PC although I have a fairly good system. I would guess from what your discribing you have the graphics set to low. In configuration there is a button for "pc1, pc2, pc3" check to see what you are using and play with it till you get the proformace and look that makes you happy.
Mine is set to "PC2" and on the tab for game I have sea quality "low". This produces a good frame rate 60+ and great looking water.

Here is what I have set

on the game tab
sea quality-low
boats quality-all high
teamates-all boats
boat stems-my boat

Hope that helps, Pops


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Postby Bill Skt » 06 Nov 2005 01:12

I have the graphics set on PC3, everything high, all things present (crew, etc) and it runs fine - no jerking or slow frame rate. I have a new PC with Direct x 9, OpenGl, 3.00GHz Pentium IV with 512MB RAM. I'm afraid it still looks the same. There's light reflections on the water, but no reflections of boats.
Can you get graphics like this

VS 6.8

on VSK3? I love Vsk3 (although my new PC doesn't like patch 2.2) mainly 'cause of the great gameplay, but I prefer realism of graphics to realism of racing. On Virtual Sailor I plod along the Greek coast in a wooden schooner, 'cause it looks real.

Still, I'll buy VSK4 when I have the money ;) Do you think you'll be able to capsize in VSK4 like you could in VSK1? Hee hee, running into ferrys...
Bill Skt

Postby kennman » 06 Nov 2005 08:58

I really think it depends on your system, I have a nvidia 660gt card, I turn everything up to the max, frame rates are as smooth as can be, and the sea quality is exceptional, all reflections, I see reflections of my boat other boats, everything that should be there ,is there. Also I have recently purchased 3D glasses from Edimensional, cost $140aus.., Now I sail in 3D, you have to see it to believe it, when I zoom in I feel like I'm in the boat, surfing waves in 3d is also better too. :D

Cheers Ken :D
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Postby Oobie » 06 Nov 2005 12:41

Jesus Ken you're killing me!

I might have to sell my car or something... :O
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Postby CAN uck » 06 Nov 2005 17:05

MAN! I don't know about the graphics but that 823 is exactly the boat design I need for Saturday Team Racing! :p

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Postby Odin » 06 Nov 2005 18:51

kennman wrote:Also I have recently purchased 3D glasses from Edimensional, cost $140aus.., Now I sail in 3D, you have to see it to believe it, when I zoom in I feel like I'm in the boat, surfing waves in 3d is also better too. :D

Cheers Ken :D

Ken I would love to see a pic of you in those 3d glasses racing online. :D

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Postby kennman » 07 Nov 2005 01:18

If I showed you the pickies, then I'd have to kill You :D

cheers Ken
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Postby hula » 08 Nov 2005 13:04

Hi all, I have the same card of kennman, all at maximum and the game work very fine ( a little problem with shadow too dark).

Pentium IV 3,0Ghz win XP HE SP2
1G ram
6600GT agp 128 Mb

filtering-ops not remember
on the game tab
sea quality-high
boats quality-all high
teamates-all boats
boat stems-all boats

Bill Skt ... what about your card... and your video driver ?

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