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Postby admiral 1 » 13 Sep 2006 15:03

- The VSK servers are down.
- You still need to carry out that VTC challenge to avoid a walkover.

a) Install the Hamachi software. Download from

!! Follow instructions, during install/first use !!

b) start Hamachi

c) create a network, with password.

d) give the network name and password to your peers

e) everybody configure VSK4 so that it pings / hosts through the tunnel hamachi created for you. ??

We're still testing the usabillity but preliminary results look very promissing especially the ease with wich online sailing is enabled is impressive, especially compared to setting up your ordinarry virtual private network.

What's a tunnel:

Hamachi peers (computers sharing one Network) communicate through tunnels. When you move your mouse over the skipper's name in the hamachi window, a little pop-up shows, telling you the hamachi IP (identifies a computer/connection hamachi wide) and a tunnel (the IP and Port you talk to the other computers in your hamachi network)

So that VSK can see (receive and send pings to and from your hamachi network) you must set the "FORCE SERVER ADRESS" in the VSK configuration (tab NETWORK) to the IP the tunnel is using.

Present status:

- Proven to work with a 2 Peer network. Where peers conected over the internet are behind a NATing router set-up vor VSK.


- multiple peers joining one host?
- multiple peers sharing 1 connection aka LAN vs LAN?
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