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Postby Oobie » 26 May 2005 05:53

Hi guys, wondered if anyone had any suggestions for me with regard to a graphics issue I've had for a while.

Took my Gigabyte Radeon 9200 out of my old PC (1Ghz P3) and put it into new PC (2.66 Ghz P4) about 6 months ago. On the old PC, I could run VSK using the highest settings (PC3?) and it was fine apart from getting a low frame rate. On the new PC, firstly I can't race using the higher settings in VSK. When I try to create a game or join one, the screen goes black, then after some time, white. Back at the desktop, a message appears saying that VPU recover has kicked in because "the driver was no longer responding to instructions". I can however watch replays using the highest setting, it's just live races that crap out. I have to run VSK on PC0, no other choice.

Second thing that happens is that the screen goes black randomly while playing VSK, just as if the screen had gone to sleep. I give the mouse a shake, and a few seconds later, it wakes up. Key presses don't seem to wake it.... This seems totally random, sometimes I can do a whole race and it won't happen, other times, it will happen 5 times on a single leg. It gets messy when it happens at mark roundings....

When I was inserting the card, I remember having a bit of trouble seating it properly. I downloaded and installed the latest driver after booting the machine up etc. I also updated the driver a few months back hoping it might fix these issues, but no change.

I notice that when the screen is black (but not sleeping) there are horizontal lines of green static/noise running across the screen about 10mm in height. They're always there, it's just that you don't notice them when there is content on the screen.

I don't think doing another driver update is going to help. Any suggestions?
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Postby Skiffie » 26 May 2005 06:14

Sounds like the card might be forked... but IANACE (I am not a computer expert) :p
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Postby hula » 26 May 2005 12:31

I use nvidia card but I have note that the best performance with Ati card in vsk3 is with 4.2 driver, the last driver have some problem.

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Postby admiral 1 » 27 May 2005 02:26

Since you took the graficcard from the old syetm into a new system, did you take that PSU for the new system too? When you upgrade always check
1. that the Puwer Suplly Unit can deleiver the power you'll need.

2. check that components together meet interface (plug, socket, power) specifications. (By them selfs they may be ok say each 2% off together the may add up to many% and be well outsided the specification)

like PSU deliver 2% under specification

Motherboard looses 2% more then specified

Graficcard needs 2% more then specified

Now your graficcard ends up with 6% less power then it needs. Rise the temperature (increase resistance, needs more power) and your computer crashes or the game crashes or artifacts are shown etc.

To make sure the graficcard is ok, put it back in the old system and see if it still works. (Any other computer will do to)

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