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Postby cubenviper » 15 Nov 2005 13:57

i tried to zip and insert vsk3 skins, doesn't work as the boats are all white and avtar says : NO ICON. any explanation?

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Postby euphoria » 15 Nov 2005 15:52

Maybe you forgot to add mips to the skins or use the correct naming convention.

Anyway, here's an advice for all: Don't convert vsk3 skins to vsk4 on your own unless you have originally created the vsk3 skin your self. Get the vsk4 version where you initially got the vsk3 skin.

The reason for this is to avoid un-necessary downloading of skins while racing, and use of different versions of a particular skin. Because if you convert a skin on your own, and another skipper has converted the same skin, the two skin files will not be identified as one skin. So you will have to download his skin while racing, and he will have to download your skin while racing, and all the others will have to download two skins each to see "one" skin.

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Postby kennman » 17 Nov 2005 19:35

Sailed couple of races last night and didn,t get the download of other players skins. Both boxes were checked for upload and download of skins,all skins had mips. Other players got my skin, but several of the players no one got there skins

races were at least 10 mins long, my internet speed is 1500/256. Do we have a bug here or is there something we havn't done right.

If we don't get this fixed there are going to be plenty of skippers out there who don't have vsk4SKINS :p
cheers Ken :D
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Postby admiral 1 » 17 Nov 2005 21:02

1) Yes it may take 10 minutes or more
2) Nice if You have both boxes for down- and upload checked but the other side must have too to make it function.

Also note Haralds remark concerning naming conventions.

AFAIK the Checksum (encryption key) of the downloaded file is used to identify a skin. BEST practice: If you want to use a custom skin, copy and or make your own, DO NOT install, or copy any skin you do not use. As long as you do not change your skin, all others will only have to download your skin once. Bit bothersome in the beginning but after a while you will only download a new skin when you meet someone new. Make sure you have enough CACHE reserved if you tend to meet frequently with a lot of vsk4 sailors.
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Postby Popeye » 18 Nov 2005 23:24

[quote]i tried to zip and insert vsk3 skins, doesn't work as the boats are all white and avtar says : NO ICON. any explanation?

When ziping you skin you need to make sure you dont zip it inside a folder. open a copy of one of the default skins and then open the problem one and see if things are different.
But Ill repeat, only work on your own skin and let VSK download everyone elses.


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