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Postby Gibbo » 31 Mar 2009 04:47

Some of the guys are vsk-aus are trying to register here to organise some itbyc challenges.

They cannot register on the forum. I have also noted that the last successful registration was back in Sept 08.
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Re: Forum Registration Problems

Postby euphoria » 07 Jul 2009 10:38

Sorry about that. The forum has been messed up by spam robots. Finally it was completely stopped. Luckily we've now managed to install a new and safe forum, and to retrieve all original posts and users. It's again possible to register to the forum. Please note that existing forum users has to use the forgot password feature in order to be able to login. Your account is still there, but not the password... Once you have got sent a new password, you can change it to a choice of your own in the user control panel. If you do not remember your username/e-mail, contact us for personal assistance.

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