2 x 2 @ Official Friday Night

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2 x 2 @ Official Friday Night

Postby Shura » 22 Feb 2020 08:29

this is not an official protest, I had a disconnect in this race

TR 2020 02 21 Shuraz vs team blues

time 0:27-0:34 prestart Shuraz vs Samuel.

Samuel agree penalty rule 11.
I watched the replay and I doubt that the penalty was correct.

time 1:50-1:57 leg 1 Shuraz vs Geronimo.

my opinion of the penalty of rule 11 was correct.

Geronimo wrote некуда сторониться - he has no place to keep clean.
JieL did the overlap correctly rule 17 off.

The lateral interval between Shuraz and Geronimo is sufficient big.
Geronimo begins to dodge late.
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Re: 2 x 2 @ Official Friday Night

Postby jiel » 22 Feb 2020 13:26

In my opinion it is a rule 15 breach.
(17 off because the boats didnt start and they have no proper course)
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