race #1 (Midnight show from Samuel & Ilya)

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race #1 (Midnight show from Samuel & Ilya)

Postby jiel » 26 Mar 2020 11:42

Hi all,
Jiel protested Ilya for breaking rule 16.1 in the prestart (T=1min29).
Because Jiel broke 11 few seconds after with no penalty nor protest, Jiel is withdrawing his protest : No Protest compensating the Ilya penalty.
However, I want to warn about hard sailing which are rule violation like in this replay (Ilya vs Jiel) at T=1min29. Better would be chat "P jiel". Also please re-read TR CALL A3.
Good day,


PS: ty Shura for the video
ilya jiel.Replay.Gbx
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Re: race #1 (Midnight show from Samuel & Ilya)

Postby euphoria » 26 Mar 2020 23:48


I agree that it's a 16.1 on Ilya, because his luff does not cause immediate contact, so Jiel was initially keeping clear.
Then he was not given room to keep clear.

I also agree about 11 for situation 2, but here no protest, just extremely fair attitude by JL. Something for the rest of us to learn from. Winning a race is not the most important. Being fair is. Like restarting if someone disconnects or having technical problems, unless the race already was lost.

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