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Protest race 2 TRC 2vs2

Postby sailgood » 27 Mar 2020 20:48

Red Protest:

SGD vs Ilya min. of replay 11.22. We protest rule 17 for ilya because when sgd broke overlap he stay over proper course for some seconds.

Points: RED 6 vs BLU 4
RED: Ilya
BLU: Sailgood
RED: Shuraz
BLU: Wmr1
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TR Valencia F5 v3.0(01'02''11) race 2.Replay.Gbx
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Re: Protest race 2 TRC 2vs2

Postby euphoria » 28 Mar 2020 00:52

17 applies, but we're not judging with "a microscope".
It's Sailgood's action that breaks the overlap, and Ilya must get time to react and get the new facts before he bears away.
He bears away, and does not get an advantage.

No rule broken.

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Re: Protest race 2 TRC 2vs2

Postby Shura » 28 Mar 2020 08:34

TRC 2020 03 27 race 02 SGD vs Ilya
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