Race 3 - TRC 1 April

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Race 3 - TRC 1 April

Postby sailgood » 01 Apr 2020 20:32

There is 1 situation protest:

SGD protest SAM to broke rule 11 at min. of replay 1.56.
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TR Box F5 v.4(01'02''14) race 3.Replay.Gbx
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Re: Race 3 - TRC 1 April

Postby jiel » 02 Apr 2020 01:24

Here my opinion.
Because SG got a 12 and TiH a 15, the overlap was uncertain : on, off, on, off, ... So according to the principle of "Last point of certainty" (call book of TR), the overlap was not etablished and its a rule 12 violation for SG.
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Re: Race 3 - TRC 1 April

Postby euphoria » 02 Apr 2020 11:23

I think we should use as a principle to ignore the 11/12 call from the VSK umpire for the ACC boat, because the ACC boat is much "shorter" in the umpire's mind that what actually is visible (3D model). This means that the windward boat has to take action when he see that overlap is established on the water. Use top view for this purpose... In this case, the replay show continuously overlap for 6 seconds before impact.

Overlap established 1:50, Sam keeping clear
SG luffing slowly, and at some point the separation is less than immediate contact zone, which is when Sam has to do something.
You can question whether SG at that point is luffing too fast, but as long as Sam does nothing to keep clear, it's an 11 pen on him only.
If Sam luffs to a higher course than SG, then a contact would trigger 16.1 on SG.

As a general principle the following can be used:
If no collision course, windward doesn't have to do anything before boats are in immediate the contact zone.
If in immediate contact zone
- windward does nothing = pen on windward
- windward reponds promptly and luffs with normal rudder = pen on leeward if contact
- windward luffs and no contact = green - no rules broken

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Re: Race 3 - TRC 1 April

Postby samuel » 02 Apr 2020 23:29

I agree with explaination. So WD sailgood!!
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