race 4 @ easy sunday / 2020-04-05

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race 4 @ easy sunday / 2020-04-05

Postby venhobel » 06 Apr 2020 13:38

Racename: official @ easy sunday
Racedate: 2020-04-05
Race Number: 4
Involved Skippers: Venhobel, Donmasino

> Donmasino got RRS13 from Nadeo -> canceled
> Venhobel protestet manual Donmasino

Time in Replay ~ 04:20

Venhobel and Donmasino in leeward, sailing overlaped on port.
Boat as an obstruction to Donmasino (not to Venhobel) on starboard.
Donmasino hails (late) RTT. Venhobel tacks imidiatly with hard ruder. Donmasion also tacks imidiatly after hailing RTT.
Contact ocured between Venhobel and Donmasino.

Thought I did my best to tack imidiatly when Donmasino hailed RTT.
I was wondering in the RTT hail, so close to the obstruction.
I awaited Donmasino to pass the obstruction by ducking it cause there was not enough time and room to tack and keep clear to obstruction and each other.

@PC: Please can you also check if i broke a rule by creating the overlap to Donmasino a few seconds bevore Donmasino hailed RTT.

thx, rainer
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Re: official @ easy sunday / 2020-04-05 / Race 4 / P Venhobe

Postby euphoria » 06 Apr 2020 16:58

Donmasino hailed RTT and Venhobel tacked immediately, as he can according to rule 20.
Donmasino hit him while tacking, and broke rule 13.
6 points to Donmasino.

Venhobel broke no rule by tacking on top of Donmasino.
This is just a situation with tough luck that it's impossible to get out of, if you don't take actions in advance.
We use exactly this situation on a rules seminar. It happened to me 10 years ago, and I presented the case to my mentor at that time...

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