Race 4 - TRC 19/04/2020 Protest Fairplay vs Sova

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Race 4 - TRC 19/04/2020 Protest Fairplay vs Sova

Postby Fairplay » 19 Apr 2020 20:47

Hi all! This is the first protest I post on this forum and may assume that there will be some mistakes in it. Let me know if something was done incorrect so i can do better next time. Cheers!

There is a protest Fairplay vs Sova on minute 13:10 of replay. I assume that Sova broke RSS 16.1 by not giving enough time and room to avoid contact between boats.
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Re: Race 4 - TRC 19/04/2020 Protest Fairplay vs Sova

Postby euphoria » 19 Apr 2020 21:50

Hi Alexander.

This is a good way to post the protest, but even better if you post in the same topic that is already created for the same race. We will write some instructions for this, so it's easier to know how...

I agree with 16.1 on your case. When Sova luff at 13:23, the distance between the two boats is big enough, as there would not be immediate contact if he luffs. He then luffs continuously for 4 seconds, which result in contact. When you have your mast ahead of his, this will happen in the end if leeward does not stop his luff half way, and allows you to increase the gap when the boats are parallell.

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