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Re: TRC 25/04/2020

Postby euphoria » 27 Apr 2020 10:13

sailgood wrote:please change result race 4, i cancel P flag.

Result in race 4 is now changed.

sailgood wrote:Harald just for info, your opinion me vs shu 19 or 11? i think is 19 for me because i luff when shu overlap with obstacle, what do you think?

I assume 19/11 is regarding this case:

This is 19 on you. Not because it's too late for Shura to luff and pass other side, but because you choose to pass on leeward side. Only if you aim at windward side, you don't need to give Shura room.

jiel wrote:Sorry Shura, maybe I dont understand but rule 19 does not apply for a mark :
Rule 19 applies between two boats at an obstruction except (a) when the obstruction is a mark the boats are required to leave on the same side, or

This is the final leg, and it's not the finish line, it's just the committee end of the start line. So it's not a mark the boats are required to leave on the same side, hence rule 19 applies.

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