stable #4 race 1 - sam x shuraz

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stable #4 race 1 - sam x shuraz

Postby samuel » 04 May 2020 21:31

HI i protest shuraz for breaking RRS 10.

replay time: 13:00:00

shuraz is windward boat on port at layline to finish
sam is leeward boat on port with a nice gap ahead
sam decided to tack to starboard to close the door for shuraz
shuraz forced and finish as port causing contact
sam hits shuraz´s boat
RRS 10 was violate.


PS : I think is not fair STABLE TEAMS with TRC rank system , because the rank was create to show individual info by skipper.
I already sailed with stable team some days ago and was warmed about that.

We just talk about that at :

some skipper does not understand theses rules (mainly russians). anyway I read the rules before racing this event.

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Re: stable #4 race 1 - sam x shuraz

Postby jiel » 04 May 2020 22:32

I was in the Shura team and let him to defend or to surrender about the incident.

Concerning the event format, I asked before the start if all have understood the description and all said yes (lol). Indeed, at the race 2 prestart, some skippers had not understood . however we restarted twice and all have finally understood and the event was fair . If you disagree the format, just dont join or quit if you had not read the clear description and still disagree with the format. About the rank, everybody is free to join or not if he thinks something is wrong. On my side, I find nothing wrong. I must add that I admintrate many events and dont mind about the ranking but I expect some fun even if I lose or go down in the ranking. If you really love ranking, the best way in my opinion is to create a big event. Those we do are just to put salt in our trainings. Sam, I dont see you posted something in the thread you gave the link. OK anyway the next "stable" events will be "not ranked" as Harald smartly input the option in the event form.
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Re: stable #4 race 1 - sam x shuraz

Postby euphoria » 05 May 2020 00:26

The only way Shuraz could have avoided breaking rule 10 here, was by tacking under the mark, which he had enough room for.
Since VSK scored him finished, he was not able to take his pen, and we have to follow rule D1.2(c):
"A boat that has broken a rule just before or after crossing the finish line, and is unable to take a penalty turn due to being classified as finished by VSK, will have her finishing position adjusted as if she promptly would have taken one or more penalty turns."
By taking 1 turn, Shuraz would have finished 6th, so red team 1 5 6 = 12 vs 2 3 4 = 9, blue wins.
This is a case without any doubt, so I have changed the result for race 1.

Regarding format, I'm not very fond of having these ranked. On the other hand I like the anarchy which has always been the system in the TR community for 20 years. If you don't like the rules, just dont join, but sail with your own rules... As long as you only do 3 races and use the TRC seeding of the first race to compile the teams in a event of 6, then some randomness is added and teams are as even as theoretically possible. And the effect on ranking from only 3 races is not very big... Since it's an ELO ranking, it will give some wrong points for some of the participants, but after a few more races it's back to normal... However, if the ranking is not important, then I think it's a good idea to make them non-ranked events. It's still things on stake, since the result is officially listed...

Personally, I prefer following the table if 6 boats have signed up, but I don't mind they way it's used by Jean-Luc.
But I hope it's not used for more than 3 races, like it was here:

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Re: stable #4 race 1 - sam x shuraz

Postby Shura » 05 May 2020 06:17

in this case, I do not agree with the penalty.
when I touched the finish line I did not have control of the boat.
if I kept control, the sails of my boat would work and I would be able to divert the stern from the bow of Samuel.
but I accept the rules accepted by the community.
Leo Tolstoy in my years did not write this.
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Re: stable #4 race 1 - sam x shuraz

Postby euphoria » 05 May 2020 12:13

You can press escape to keep controlling your boat after finishing, even though you don't have any power from the sails.
However, if you lifted your stern, you would risk hit the mark with your stern, or not keep clear of Donmasino...
The best you can do is not luff, but continue straight on full speed, to have a better chance of succeeding with passing ahead.
By luffing early as you did, it seems like your focus was only to cross the finish line before Think reached you.

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