Race 3 10/6/20

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Race 3 10/6/20

Postby gr71 » 11 Jun 2020 12:31

At race 3 there where 3 pen from Galaxy witch he caceled and i hailed P to him.
1st At 7:54 of the replay and while we sail overlaped on port and me windward boat we are geting close to the land and i hail room to land, galaxy responds at 7:56 by gybing and i follow.
At 8:02 we are bocoming stb boards and overlaped with me leeward boat. At 8:03 Galaxy stops gybing. At 8:06 fails to keep clear and takes pen 11. He asked cancel and i did. At 8:10 i write in chat p Galaxy. He never respond.
2nd.At 9:37 and while Galaxy is luffing me i try to avoid contact and i start to luff more with genoa sail and avoid the contact. I take pen 13 witch in my opinion is a 16.1 as he does not give me time-room to keep clear. I did not canceled and did not hail P as i was not sure about this
3rd. Exactly after at 9:54, as galaxy thinks that i will do my 360 he points down to hunt me and he takes a clear 11, he asked for cancel it and i did and hailed P. He never respond again..
4th. At 11:24 Galaxy is changing course exactly in front of me for giving me pen 10 and he makes it but it was a clear 16.1. I hailed P.
Galaxy never respond and i was stuck on a bouy. I went spec because on my opinion all these pen are clear violation of sportmaship and fair racing. It is not fun, not even training.
I would like to give to the organisers the idea to use in team races 2 persons or even one as umpire to judge during the race, Otherwise the fun of the game will be lost.
Sorry for the not detailed explenations of the incidents but you can see them in replay...
Valencia Snake Stb Port 177-174°(16'18''44).Replay.Gbx
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Re: Race 3 10/6/20

Postby samuel » 11 Jun 2020 13:33

To me is al about first incident.

When John establised overlap on stbd and both boats paralels. John never stop luffing, and other hand nik after jibe stop luff 08:04:88.
Contact it was 08:06:00.
To me very little time and no room was give to keep clear. But can we consider Nik was at imediate contact zone with little bear? if yes I believe in double pen 11/16......
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Re: Race 3 10/6/20

Postby jiel » 11 Jun 2020 13:52

hi Pap and all
Here my thought at first glance, of course maybe I am wrong. Remember to not give a too big importance to what is finally a game. Please, keep cold blood because all unfair incidents may be solved here by the pairs. In my opinion, only few incidents are easy to umpire or to judge quickly on live.

1/ 7'54. Imo, you might give room to keep clear to Nik. Surely Nik didnt respond immediatly but I think your move was fast and you had to give room to KC. So Nik P11, Pap P16.1.

2/ 9'37. Imo, Nik P16.1. Unfortunatly, you didnt ask cancel and nor protest.

3/ 9'54. The preceeding 360 was done. Sorry but again I think Pap P16.1 and Nik P11.

4/ 11'24. You failed to KC without huge course changement from Nik. Pap P10.


PS : just saw now your post Sam
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Re: Race 3 10/6/20

Postby euphoria » 11 Jun 2020 16:44

Here is my opinion:

1. 8:02 JohnPap is under 15 and 16.1 and has to give room for Galaxy to keep clear. He luffs to contact, so JohnPap is breaking rule 16.1. No turn taken by JohnPap.
2. 9:37 Galaxy is under 16.1 and has to give room to keep clear. Galaxy is breaking rule 16.1. No turn taken by Galaxy. No protest, so this doesn't matter.
3. 9:54 Galaxy responds late, but we don't know if he could have kept clear. Maybe 11, probably not, so benefit of the doubt... JohnPap luffs hard to contact and is breaking rule 16.1. Turn taken by both boats, so this doesn't matter.
4. 11:24 Delicate case... Galaxy is setting this one up, but from any point, he shall have room to sail to the mark. And if sailing within that room, he will be exonerated from breaking rule 16.1. He is breaking rule 16.1 when he is turning towards the mark, but this is within his mark room "from that point". JohnPap is breaking 18.2b.

For case 1-3, dont make contact guys, it may then go against the right of way boat as here. Without luffing to contact, you usually don't risk getting a penalty if you have right of way.

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Re: Race 3 10/6/20

Postby jiel » 12 Jun 2020 14:05

Hi Pap and all,
I think we may let the win to the oponants. What do you think ?
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Re: Race 3 10/6/20

Postby gr71 » 12 Jun 2020 16:32

Hi Jiel,
PC decides no pen from Galaxy, so i have to respect the decision ...
So Galaxy;s team won i think.
What i think have nothing to do with the result :)
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