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Re: Ilya_Mac incident

Postby euphoria » 24 May 2020 09:56

Shura wrote:if rule 18 is not applicable in this case. That is obvious that it is 16.1.

Rule 18 is applicable - this is just a question of what mark-room includes.
It's only a matter of looking at the definition of mark-room and rule 21:

  • Room for a boat to leave a mark on the required side.
    CHECK, this would only be relevant if Mac was outside, not inside.
  • Room to sail to the mark when her proper course is to sail close to it.
    NOT APPLICABLE, because it's not your proper course to sail to the mark when you are below the mark.
  • Room to round the mark as necessary to sail the course.
    CHECK, Mac has given you room to round the mark to sail the course, which stops when you have turned enough to point at the next mark.
When a boat is sailing within the mark-room to which she is entitled, she shall be exonerated if she breaks a rule of Section A, rule 15 or rule 16.
The last luff after passing the direction to the next mark is not within your mark-room, so rule 16 applies.
It is obvious that you didn't give Mac room to keep clear, so there is no doubt about your penalty.

I hope this made it clear.

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Re: Ilya_Mac incident

Postby Shura » 24 May 2020 10:13

euphoria wrote:I hope this made it clear.


it is obvious to me :)
Leo Tolstoy in my years did not write this.
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Re: Ilya_Mac incident

Postby jiel » 24 May 2020 11:13

Sorry but 18 applies but Mac didnt break it because Ilya mark-room was given.

EDIT2 : Oops I didnt see that Harald answerd before I posted that above...
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