TR training 2020.11.12 three collision

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TR training 2020.11.12 three collision

Postby Shura » 12 Nov 2020 20:36

TR training 2020.11.12 three collision

first collosion very srange
in the video John lags but in the game he went exactly no lag

two collision TR 2020 11 12 JieL vs John Pap
JohnPap hesitated, but the replay shows hes not keep clear.

three collision
my opinion, Porto broke rule 17.
TR 2020 11 12 Portu vs Mac
Leo Tolstoy in my years did not write this.
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Re: TR training 2020.11.12 three collision

Postby gr71 » 13 Nov 2020 11:17

In the first video it was for sure matter of lag... On my screen i did nit even saw p11 to Aleks. I crossed the mark with out giving pen and i kept clear. After the race i lost connection.
In the second video with Jiel, the time Jiel lufs with the time our masts have contact is so limited...about 2 sec. I was geting to react on the luf exactly the time our masts hit. So i am not sure that the time was enough for me to react...Better to have also another opinion. For me it is 16.1
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Re: TR training 2020.11.12 three collision

Postby euphoria » 13 Nov 2020 16:46

First video: Is that a rounding mark? If yes, port rounding or stb rounding?

Second video: John reacts too late and too little.

Third video: Portu is first breaking rule 13 deliberatly, hence also rule 2. Then is not taking is pen asap, which he shall do. Then he is breaking rule 17. Black flag. Not fun to race under such conditions.

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