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Alb vs Ilya

PostPosted: 02 Feb 2022 23:44
by euphoria

Many situations...

Re: Alb vs Ilya

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2022 15:30
by euphoria
9 situations in a hard race. Red: Balder & Ilya. Blue: Alb & euhporia. Here are my views:

0:12 - Alb protested manually. Ilya broke rule 11, but hard for him to avoid it due to team mate Balder. In an official regatta, the red team as a whole would be penalized more than the single pen Balder took.

1:08 - Alb broke rule 13 and later 11 and took 2 pen turns. Was maybe some manual P's before.

2:11 - Alb broke rule 15 and got a pen from VSK which I think he cancelled.

3:10 - Borderline situation between 11 and 16.1. Better to not make contact. Alb got a pen and took a turn.

4:08 - Ilya hit euphoria when Ilya completed tack to starboard. Correct. 15, Ilya took a turn.

4:45 - Borderline... Alb can twist around the bow of Ilya, who can't hit him without gybing to port.

5:09 - Room required, room given, no rules broken.

5:31 - Ilya over HTW in video, but probably not on his screen. Therefore no pen at contact. No boats to be penalized.

5:43 - Ilya broke rule 10.


Re: Alb vs Ilya

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2022 21:16
by Ilya
I do not agree with the last violation of rule 10 by me, after turning to the left tack, I began to keep clear at the first opportunity.
Alb didn't give me that option.
At least he broke rule 14.
And so I agree with the rest of the opinion, thank you!

Re: Alb vs Ilya

PostPosted: 04 Feb 2022 16:47
by euphoria
Ok, he sailed straight for 9 seconds before he hit you while you were turning right. I think you just took the wrong way out. Instead of tacking to port you could have turned left in this period. Yes, if 14 applied, this would have been broken, but we usually don't apply that rule in VSK, but for sure better to not T-bone someone if avoidable. At least under a rule that does not require contact for VSK to give a penalty, like rule 10.